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The importance of water


Consumed by our increasingly hectic lifestyles, many of us simply forget the sheer importance of water. After oxygen, water is the most vital nutrient for survival. We can go without food for weeks, but deprived of water, will die within a few days.

Water makes up over two thirds of the human body and is a key component of all bodily functions.

However most of us suffer from chronic dehydration! This can manifest in the body in a number of ways, including fatigue, poor digestion, ‘foggy’ thinking, constipation, skin problems, headaches, general aches and pains.

People commonly mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating much more than required. Simply by increasing water consumption it is possible to lose weight. It also helps combat excess fluid retention and detoxifies the body.

Herbal teas can be included in daily water intake. However caffeinated teas and coffee dehydrate the body, requiring that we drink more water.

Daily water needs vary depending on activity levels, water consumption from food, physical build, etc. However living in the tropics of Darwin I think it is safe to say that most of us require at least two litres daily. The easiest way to monitor your water consumption is to buy a litre bottle and make sure you drink it twice over during the day.

Remember not all water sources are equal. Treated tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, which deplete our immune systems and contribute to our general toxic load. These chemicals are not lost through boiling the water. However there are options available to improve water quality, such as filtration systems. Bottled spring water or UV treated rainwater are also good options.