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Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

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Below are the seasonal box options. These can be ordered alone, or in combination with some extras from our itemised online shop. You will need to fill out your details for delivery and billing for each section, but we will ensure that the orders get processed together, once they reach our end.

Please note that we understand that everyone has their own style of cooking and taste buds, so if there are any particular items of fruit or veg that you either must have or cannot stand, or if you would prefer only certified organic produce (excluding local and spray free items), then let us know in the Delivery instructions -section of the check out process.

Fruit and Veg Boxes

The Box Size


The smaller numbers box (pensioners box)

This box has a large variety of fruit and veggies, but not so many of any one thing. Designed for one to two people.

The 60/40 box

This box will be made up of around about 40% fruit and 60% veg, probably best suited to a household of two people.

The standard mixed box

This box is for a family of fewer people. A piece of fruit for everyone everyday and enough veggies for dinner.

The large one

This box is suited to feed the whole family, or those who don’t want to order every week and want their produce to last that bit longer. It is sure to include the veggies that fill the belly and those that last longer in the fridge, such as pumpkins, potatoes and apples.

The juicing box

This box is made up of the regular juicing produce. The contents will vary depending on what juicing fruits and veggies we have available, but you can usually be guaranteed some carrots, beetroot and apples and feel free to request something that you personally like in your fresh juice!


Veggie Boxes

The dinner box            

This box is for those who need enough veggies for a week or dinners for the smaller household.

The veggie feast box

This box is designed for the households who are larger in numbers and need the veggies for lunches and dinners. It is sure to include plenty of the staples!


Fruit Boxes

The office fruit box

This box is designed for a household that takes fruit to work everyday, or for the office that would like to provide tasty organic fruit for their staff.

The fruit lovers box

This box is will include all our seasonal fruit, perfect for the households who love their fruit. With plenty of variety and the longer lasting ones as well.