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Although we will endeavour to do so, GREENIES REAL FOOD cannot promise that if a product is ordered it will be available and in stock at time of ordering.

Minimum and maximum orders

The minimum order is $30, plus the relevant packing and delivery fee. Orders under this amount will either not be processed, or we will contact you to let you know and give you the option of including other items.

Unless you have contacted us prior to placing your order the maximum order for any one product is 5 pieces and 5kg for bulk and loose items. This is so that we are able to accommodate your order with our stock levels.

Cancellations and delays

We reserve the right to cancel your order with a minimum of 8 working hours notice and you will not be charged for any items or service fee.

If you choose to cancel your order you will still be obliged to pay the relevant service fee for packing the order. Unless we have been given 16 working hours notice.


If you are receiving a delivery to a ‘local’ location the standard eight business hour time delay between placing your order and receiving it, may change if we are having a particularly busy day. If this occurs we will re-negotiate a time over the phone when we confirm payment details.


Returned items

If you wish to return a product you must make phone or email contact with us within 24 hours and either:

a)      Return the item/items back to the shop

b)      Arrange for the staff to pick up the items with the next delivery

If you are from a ‘community/bush order’ area you will need to contact us and we can make suitable arrangements.

There is a no return policy on perishable items. We take our utmost care to mkae sure it leaves our shop in top condition.


In the case of purchase refunds please allow 3-5 working days for the transaction to be processed.


GREENIES REAL FOOD cannot be held responsible for damage incurred during transportation of goods by a third party. We guarantee we will do our best to safely and efficiently package all goods and will leave the shop in top condition.


If you have specific details for delivery time and instructions for the delivery, we will endeavour to follow these requests. However, if an event occurs that is beyond our reasonable control, we may not be able to do so. If this occurs we will not be liable to you or any other person for any such delay or other inability to follow delivery requests. In this instance, we will endeavour to provide you with notice of such delay as soon as reasonably possible.

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